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At ABC Food Machinery spol. s r.o., we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver diverse projects and applications across multiple industries. Our experienced team works with your needs and goals to create exceptional solutions and ensure successful project delivery.


We have carried out projects in various areas:


1.     Food industry: we have worked with many meat, dairy and beer companies to develop and modernise their operations. Our solutions for their cooling ensure the right temperature conditions, hygiene and quality of the processed products while significantly reducing costs.

2.     Ice surfaces and ice rinks: we are specialists in the design and construction of ice surfaces and ice rinks with innovative technology. Our solutions guarantee the creation of quality ice surfaces for winter sports and ice activities with significantly lower costs and environmentally friendly operation.

3.     Storage facilities: we have developed technologies for storage facilities that ensure optimal cooling and storage. Our solutions enable efficient storage and minimize cold loss, contributing to the sustainability and quality of stored products.

4.     Freezing tunnels: we have designed and implemented freezing tunnels for fast and efficient freezing of food. Our technological solutions ensure uniform and fast freezing, which helps to preserve the quality and freshness of the products.

5.     Logistics centres: We design and implement cooling and heating for logistics centres. Our solutions ensure optimal storage and handling conditions and ensure safety and quality throughout the supply chain.

6.     Rental of refrigeration units: we have developed mobile container refrigeration units to cover refrigeration production without the need for large construction costs (seasonal ice-skating areas, refrigeration unit without a brick machine room, coverage of emergency refrigeration production, ...).

In addition to the above projects, we also provide other services including dehumidification of premises, boiler room solutions, steam distribution and R717 and NH3 distribution.


We also offer solutions for waste heat recovery, process automation and monitoring and sensing of NH3 refrigerant leaks.


Our company is ready to work with you to implement your projects and provide you with solutions that meet your requirements and expectations.


We are your reliable partner in the implementation of demanding industrial and sports projects.

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