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We are able to design and implement temperature-controlled rooms that are ideal for storing sensitive materials, including food. 


ABC Food Machinery spol. s r.o. specializes in designing and providing a wide range of cooling and heating equipment. We are experts in the design and implementation of cooling and heating systems for various industries and sectors.


One of our main areas of expertise is the design of cooling and heating of production processes. We use modern technologies and solutions that ensure optimal conditions for various production plants such as meat processing plants, slaughterhouses, dairies, beer and beverage production. We are aware of the importance of maintaining the right temperature during production processes and our solutions contribute to achieving high standards and product quality.


We also offer design services in the field of cold and freezer warehouses and production halls. Our goal is to provide optimal conditions that help to extend product shelf life and maintain product quality.


Our company also deals with cooling and heating of ice rinks and sports grounds. We design and implement systems that ensure comfortable conditions for sports facilities such as ice rinks. Our solutions include technologies that maintain a constant temperature and provide an ideal environment for sports activities and events.


We are also active in the field of cooling and heating of logistics centres. Our systems take into account the specifics of each company and ensure that goods are in optimum condition throughout the supply chain.

In addition, we offer advice and consultation to select the most suitable solutions for our customers. We are here to provide you with expert assistance and help you find the optimal solution from the study to the implementation project.


We are also dedicated to modernising and streamlining existing facilities. Our experience allows us to identify areas where your operation can be improved and costs reduced. We are able to design and implement optimization proposals that take into account not only primary costs, but also economic and environmental aspects.


Our company is also engaged in the processing of complete design and construction documentation for new solutions, reconstruction and overhaul of existing facilities. We are here to provide you with complete solutions from design to implementation.

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